2014/10/01   Office Relocation

“Tozan Building” in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, where our office currently locates, will be closed in 2014 for renovation, considering environmental issues. The new building will be completed in January, 2018, which will create open spaces of 20 meters in width to the area facing all three roads surrounding the building. And this will create comfortable walking space, which provides brightness and spaciousness at sidewalks.

Under this circumstances, we decided to relocate to Ote Center Building, located at Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo in October, 2014.

Ote Center Building is a high-rise office building built in 1983 with 24-stories high and total floor area of 67,411.7 sq. meters. Other current main tenants are Kuraray Tokyo Head Office, Citi Bank, Otemachi Branch, Microsoft Otemachi Technology Center, among others.